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THALAKAVERI Thalakaveri is the origin of Kaveri river. It is located 9 km away from Bhagmandala, 48 km from Madikeri, 78 km from Kushalnagar, 164 from Kushalnagar, 164 from Mysore, 308 km from Bangalore. Thlakaveri is in the top of Brahmagiri hills. There is also a temple to worship ‘ kaveri amma’. It is a holy place also. Another important feature of this place is that it is very near to Kerala border. This place attracts lots of people every year. Thalakaveri will give you 360 degree view of surrounding hills if you reach the top of the place through covering the steps near to the temple. To explore the beauty of Brahmagiri hills, you need to cover 372 steps. Thalakaveri river stands 1277 meter above the sea level. Visiting Times : 6 AM to 6 PM Parking charges apply
  • 2018-05-20T08:54:27

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